Testing options

Testing options:

1) Ad-Hoc. Each candidate is issued testing by one of our staff on your behalf. Pricing is based on what you wish to test for, just ask and we will price a quote for you. Test/tests are sent as an embedded link within an email, known as a ‘Test Invitation’. Each Test Invitation can have 4-5 tests loaded on it for an individual candidate. The score report is returned to whichever email address is designated, immediately on completion.

2) Metered license. This provides the user with full control over issuing testing – be it on-site or off-site (via a Test Invitation). The entire library can be uploaded, or just nominated groups of testing. To add or remove tests has no cost applied. The minimum for a metered license is an upload of 20 meters (aka tokens). Each test has a ‘value’ – as shown in the test catalogue. (Please enquire). So, it’s important to bear this in mind when ordering meter uploads. E.g. a Word test will use 2 meters, while a typing/data entry test uses only one. The site establishment cost is NZ$50 (+ GST in NZ). Meters have a shelf life of 12 months, from the date of upload.

3) Annual renewable license. (Recruitment Industry only.) Mostly the same as a metered license, but with the exception that there are NO multi-values applied to each test. They are 1-1. The minimum number of test administrations for application in an annual license is 500. Pricing varies as this is based on the USD exchange rate. (Please enquire.) Additional test administrations can be uploaded at any time. However, any un-used administrations at the 12-month renewal point do NOT roll over.